JWS' Wind Power Services

"Building a new energy future together with the local community,
utilizing the abundant natural resources of the area. "

We aim to leave a sustainable world behind for our children, grandchildren and further generations, by promoting the use of inexhaustible, non-CO2 emitting wind energy. For each and every project we seek the cooperation of the local community. We take responsibility for all phases of the project, from site selection, due diligence, design and construction, to the operation and maintenance, and finally decommissioning.

Wind measurement with AQ system SoDAR

AQ510 Wind finder (Doppler Sodar)

We carry out wind measurement using the Swedish AQ System’s AQ510 Wind Finder Doppler Sodar, developed with over 40 years’ experience of wind measurement. The AQ510 can measure the wind speed, wind direction and turbulence every five meters between 40 and 200 meters. The unit is very portable and can be easily setup at potential wind power sites.


  • Tri-directional horns for accurate wind field measurement.
  • Unit can operate independently with solar panel and battery.
  • Different power units available for different climates.
  • Certified to IEC61400-12-1 standards.
  • Deployed on over 25 countries.
  • Trusted by the world’s leading wind players.


―Technical data―

  • Measurement range 40-200m
  • Accuracy horizontal wind speed ±2%
  • Accuracy wind direction <5°
  • Availability of wind and turbulence data >92% at 150m, >97%>100m
  • Wind speed range 0 to 30m/s
  • Vertical wind speed range ±2.2m/s
  • Mean value period 10 min
  • Transmitting frequency 4300Hz
  • Zenith angle 17°
  • Pulse power max.250W
  • Acoustic power 17W
  • Operating temperature range -40- 60℃
  • Operating humidity range 0 to 100%RH
  • Interface AQ webviewer
  • Power consumption 15W
  • Dimension[m]/Weight 2.2m(heigh)x1.5(diameter)/approx..140kg

Offer wanted for Potential Land and Projects for Wind Business

    We are looking for suitable land for wind power business sought under the following conditions.

    • Situated in Japan.
    • Onshore or offshore.
    • Projects with nameplate capacity of over 7MW for onshore or, 200MW for offshore.

    We are looking for Potential wind projects for purchase under the following conditions.

    • New developments and partially investigated projects sought.

    Please contact us via the Link

Recruitment information

*For all positions, no experience with
wind power generation necessary

Project Manager

  • Site evaluation
  • Stakeholder consultation and negotiations
  • Management of development schedule
  • Drafting of specification for turbine tendering documents
  • Negotiation of procurement contracts with suppliers

Electrical Engineer

  • Design of wind generator related electrical system
  • Drafting specification and tender documents for electrical machinery and related works.
  • Negotiation of procurement contracts with suppliers
  • Construction schedule management

Civil/Construction Engineer

  • Design of turbine assembly area and transport route works
  • Drafting of specification and tender documents for civil, transportation and construction works.
  • Negotiation of procurement contracts with suppliers
  • Construction schedule management

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Company Name: Japan Wind Power Service Inc.
Representative: Takahiro Kurata, President
Establishment: September 5th, 2016

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